Friday, September 2, 2011

An Introduction to Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu is the top-used operating system based on the Linux kernel. In the video below I have demonstrated the user interface of the OS. It's fast and very sleek. I have come to Linux as a disgruntled windows vista user, and Ubuntu is a breath of fresh air.

I installed ubuntu by creating a dual boot system, which means I also have my windows installed and have a choice of going back and forth between the two. You can do that by following the instructions here.

At first, it may feel like you'll suffer without many programs; as quite lot aren't compatible with Linux. Including itunes; which would seem like a major con for ipod/iphone users. Owning an ipod myself, I had the same concern. But I didn't need to be. Ubuntu's native music player: Banshee was able to recognize my ipod and help manage it smoothly. The programs are usually there, although it needs some digging around, there may be an older version or a good substitute. But if you miss those programs that bad, you can always run it with Wine( a windows-compatability software) which runs apps as if they were on windows.

Another weird thing about Ubuntu is that, to play mp3's, videos or the like, you first have to download codecs to play those files. It's a first time thing, but it still felt like a waste of time.

Hope you enjoy the video below. 

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