Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Hottest new Android Games

Here's a list of ten NEW games for android, which are smoking up the charts.

1. Temple run 

Download Free
Category: Arcade and Action

This chart topper from the Apple app store has finally made its way to android. It's very addicting and you can get lost in it for hours. It's controls are pretty easy to get used to, just swipes and slightly tilting your phone for the coins. The children love it & others play in competition with their friends & family for the highest score. Personally, I didn't really go crazy when I first tried it, but later on when it became a matter of who can make the highest score, I got right back into it and got sucked into the addiction.


2. Angry Birds Space 

Download : Free / Paid ($0.99)
Category: Arcade & Action

What makes this version of angry birds different? It's been cleverly designed, bearing in mind all things "spacey" like gravity and space cosmos to give the game an authentic "angry birds in space" vibe. Plus it now has:
• Three brand new birds- Click here to be introduced
• Brand new superpowers bombs, lasers, ice blast
• Zero-gravity space adventures
• Trick shots using planets' gravity
• 60 new levels & hidden bonus levels 
The paid version is simply ad-free with the same features.


3. Draw Something 

Download: Free / Paid($0.99)
Category: Brain & Puzzle

This is seriously fun, and has everybody hooked. In this game, you're given a word to draw which your opponent has to guess from a choice of 12 letters. What has really attracted the young & old is no time limits, so you're free to take your turn at leisure. It has been developed by, after the success of their popular online game: Draw my Thing.
The paid version is ad-free and also offers three bonus features including more hours and words.

That's my best drawing of fangs :p

4. Where's my Water?

Download: Free / Paid($0.99)
Category: Brain & Puzzle

This is a physics based puzzle game. It is kind of on the same lines of cut the rope, but instead of gravity you'll be tackling water, which you have to direct to give Swampy the alligator a shower. You will work with taps, pipes, fans and scratch away mud to find collectibles.
The free version offers up to 25 levels whereas the paid version has over 200 levels!


5. Ninjump

Download Free
Category: Arcade & Action

Tap-tap-tap. This game is easy as that. Avoid obstacles and enemies by jumping between the two walls, and catching upgrades on your way up. Pretty simple, free and compatible with most phones.

6. Mega Jump

Category: Arcade & Action

This game is so easy and enjoyable cute. Jump higher and higher with coins and power ups, until you reach the final stage.

7. Cut the Rope: Experiments

Download Paid ($1.00) / HD($2.00)
Category: Brain & Puzzle

Cut the Rope is back with more levels, commentary from the professor & a new story line. You will also play with old favorites like bubbles, whoopee cushions, and automatic ropes in addition to new tools like rockets, suction cups, and projectile rope-darts.
For $2.00 you can get the HD version of the game, which is preferred for tablets.

iPhone Screenshot 4  

8. Flick Golf

Category: Sports Games

I think the developer describes this game best : No clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to try and sink that perfect hole in one. Watch out for the usual hazards: bunkers, trees, sand... and of course the wind!
You get to choose from many courses, a quick game or opt for a world tour.

9. Wordsmith

Download Free / Paid($2.49)
Category: Brain & Puzzle

This game keeps me up at night, distracted through classes and craving for more. It's has a format similar to scrabble featuring in-game chat, player profiles, score preview & customizable turn time-limits. But what really makes this app stand out from others is its awesome community. The app has a shortcut to its Facebook page where you can request new games or just whine about the weather & still receive a pat on the back!
This game is also offered on the iPad and iPhone.
The paid version is ad-free, can play up to 60 games simultaneously (the free version has up to 8 games) and has extended player statistics.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Best Google Chrome Apps

Google Chrome apps are just like apps on your phone. Easy to install and fun to use. You can browse through thousands of apps categorized in the Chrome Web Store. They appear on the new tab page of Chrome. Here's a list of 10 of the best apps for Google Chrome. 
[Note: I haven't included games in this list. I plan to do a seperate list for those soon, so stay tuned!]
For Best Google Chrome "Extensions" click here.

 1.The Weather Channel
Download here

A simple click of the app gives you the current weather conditions as well as predictions for the week, or the next couple of hours. You can also save up to nine locations(with nicknames) to refer to at a glance. Detailed forecast provides temperature, a radar map, sky conditions, wind speed/direction, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, visibility, and a UV Index.

2. Hipmunk
Download here

This app is brilliant when it comes to planning trips. In minutes, it'll give you information about the best flights & hotels at your destination.
Although I'm no traveler, I still enjoy this app when thinking about imaginary trips.The flights are arranged according to either prices, agony, duration and timings.
Flight Listing

The hotels are shown as points on a map, complete with rates and reviews. They can also be sorted in a list by price, reviews and distance.

Hipmunk also allows for tabbed browsing, so you can go through several flights and hotel listings at a time.

Plus it also has live chat help. Although, you won't be needing it.

3. Earbits Radio
Download here

In the mood for some new music? This app streams ad-free music, similar to a band/artist of your choice. It has no membership requirement. You can also chat with others online.

4. Google Dictionary by Google
Download here

I think the title says it all. This dictionary gives you definitions from lots of websites and synonyms. Either by Double-clicking any word (a small pop-up bubble displays the definition). Or by using the toolbar dictionary. It retrieves these definitions online because of which its response time depends on your internet speed.

5. Pixlr-o-Matic
Download Here

This app is easily my favourite. It's amazing with transforming photos into vintage retro snaps. You can add three layers to alter your photo by adding filters, lightning and borders. You can do this to an existing photo or directly from the webcam.
Having fun with Pixlr-o-Matic

6. Read Later Fast
Download here

This is pretty handy when you want to read or refer to some online article later on. The app saves the page, making it accessible to you offline. A click of the app will open up your articles pretty quickly.

7. Aviary's Image Editor
Download Here

This app is an image editor with over 30 rich editing tools, which works with layers similar to photoshop. It can be used for basic editing upto complicated manipulation of photos. It's amazing how it has all these great features, packed into your browser.

8. Tweetdeck
Download here

This app opens up your Twitter, Facebook, inbox and more all in one window. Further more, you get a pop-up notification bubble for any new notifications on your social networks.
Although the viewing space feels cramped, my favourite feature of tweetdeck would be updating your twitter and Facebook at the same time. Also the pop-up notifications are pretty cool.

9. PsykoPaint
Download Here

Got some pretty cool brushes and styles to work with. Either on an existing picture or a new one.

10. Remember the Milk
Download Here

This is not your average to-do list app. Having an app available on your phone, email, outlook; it syncs constantly across all platforms. It's remarkable features help make the experience fun by things such as organizing by tags/dates/priority, share with friends & search.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pottermore Screenshots

I had written a complete review and had uploaded some screenshots of Pottermore here, in September. To provide a glimpse to those who hadn't been able to get inside via the magical quill. I was surprised to still get many views on those screenshots. So after revisiting pottermore, I discovered that pottermore is still in beta mode and hasn't opened to all as was originally planned in October 2011.

So here are some more screenshots for those who are interested and a video at the end of the sorting, wand picking and the nooks and corners of pottermore.

Click on the images for better quality.

Charms class

Some NEW content from J.K Rowling: "The Original Forty"

Harry's Special Delivary: The letter tells him he's been selected for the team and the nimbus two thousand is a gift

Casting Spells
Chapter 12: Mirror of Erised
Catching the snitch gives you 150 house points!

Christmas at Hogwarts
Nicholas Flamel
Hooded Figure
Thought I'd update the house points from my last post