Friday, September 16, 2011

Inside Look at Pottermore

*new screenshots here*

First week of August, the pottermore website started their magical quill quest. For seven days, the website would give you a clue, leading to a number, which would further on lead you to a website; where you would look for the magical quill, make it levitate and click it. Leading you back to the pottermore website, but this time for registration.

I went on the magical quill quest on the third day, waiting at exactly 11 am GST with the third book in hand. The whole experience was pretty exciting, and I got through. However the registration didn't mean I could access the website! I would now have to wait for a welcome letter.. . Well I finally got that last week: almost one & a half month later. And 3 weeks before October, which is when pottermore will be open for all.

The wait was pretty disappointing, and futhermore there wasn't much material on the internet about how the website looked, and importantly, what it really was all about? I opened the website today, the video below is my first look at

The animations were pretty impressive and the idea was great. But the SPEED! Torture!!
It was so very slooow. This is why it took me a week to finally make it past chapter one; not because of the speed, but my patience with the speed!

The website follows the book chapter by chapter. You'll go through two or three scenes from each chapter. You can look around or read about character, places, objects in that scene. Further on, as you continue on the story with Harry, you will go shopping for Hogwarts, get a wand & as well as get sorted into a house (I'm in Slytherin). You earn house points by doing potions, exploring and collecting items. The Screenshot below shows that Gryffindor is currently in the lead:

JK Rowling's information about the characters' pasts were very interesting. I'm not going to ruin it for all of you, by saying it all right here. But my favourite would be about Vernon & Petunia's history pre-Harry; keep an eye out for that.

Below is McGonagall's past. I had already read this on twitter, so I don't feel bad about showing this here. (Click on the images for a larger preview)

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