Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to convert notes greater than 4 KB into iPod sized linked notes.

The iPod can only display notes which are less than; equal to 4 kb. So if there's some text file you want to read on your iPod which is greater than 4 kb, you can follow the steps below to break up your file into linked iPod notes.

Follow these steps or watch the video in the end.
     1.Convert the file to plain text (.txt)
                      Using conversion programs or online services like Zamzar.
     2. Convert your file to iPod readable ebook
                       Go to either:
      Once uploaded & converted, download the zip file.
     3. Extract the downloaded file  
     4. Transfer to your iPod
                     Paste the extracted folder into the notes folder on your iPod.
                    ( To access the notes folder, your iPod has to be in "Enable disk use" mode.)
     5. View the ebook
                    Open up your iPod and you'll see your book in the Extras >Notes.
                    At the end of each page, there will be a link to the next page.

Watch the video below:

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