Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IP Address?

What's an IP address?
You know how your house has a postal address to locate its exact position and reach it. An ip address is like the postal address of your computer. It can be dynamic (changes every time you turn your internet box on/off) or static (it stays the same no matter what).  The ip address depends upon your modem. So all the devices connected to that modem will have the same ip address.

What information does my ip address reveal?
Your IP address reveals your 

  • city and country
  • internet provider
  • your web browser
  • operating system
How do I find my ip address?
Simply visit whatsmyipaddress, or google "whats my ip" for alternative websites.

Can I hide my ip address?
Yes, you can. Technically it's called connecting to a proxy server, in which you connect to a server in another location and receive an ip address from them. You can do that by two ways:
1. By going through proxy websites. I've tried and tested  hidemyass . It'll work.  Open it up and enter the website you want to visit in the bar on the homepage.
2. By a program. I've used platinum hide ip. It gives you an ip address from any country of your choosing. And impressively they have pretty much covered every country. ( To download the premium version for free click here, to get the links and learn how to. Although the video is about something else, the creater of the video has also mentioned how to do this.) The program runs in the background and works on all your browser activty. Although it'll be considerably slower.
Between the two, the program is a better solution if you're specific and want to do a lot of browsing anonymously. A proxy website does a good job for that occasional one-off use.

What is hiding my ip address useful for?
  1. Let's say you're network provider or country has blocked maybe Facebook or YouTube. By hiding your ip adress and following the instructions above, you can easily visit those blocked sites.
  2. Many a time, you come across some special offer or contest or something that can  only be applied by residents of a certain area. By assigning yourself an ip address of that area you can easily get in.
  3. Also for the very obvious, when you want to do something on the internet and not want anyone to track you down. But I strongly advise against doing this for wrong purposes. 
Below is a video I have made in which I demonstrate how to find your ip address and how to browse anonymously

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