Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three Best websites to DISCOVER new books

1. Goodreads

This website is like the IMDB of books.  It has every book registered in it's database, giving you information about their authors, release dates, pages, versions, reviews and more.  
Goodreads is great for learning about new books. Here books are voted onto Lists by thousands of users. One book gets into many lists. List titles are pretty unique,

When viewing a book, the page will display what lists the book has been mentioned in. And on the right they also display a couple of books similar to the book you're viewing.

2. Whatshouldireadnext

You know when you've just read an amazing book, and you immediately want to read something like that, this website is pretty good in finding that next book on your reading list. Simply enter the title of the book or ISBN number in the bar on the homepage, and the website will do a quick search of similar books voted by registered users.
If you register yourself (all they ask for is your email address for login purposes), you can build a list, save it and find recommendations for more than one book.

3. NY Times Bestseller List

These books aren't on the bestseller list for nothing. However the website only offers a synopsis of the first 15 books, so you'll have to put in an extra few clicks to Google the titles for the rest.

The NY times has very nicely divided the bestsellers into fiction and non-fiction. Furthermore there are separate lists for paperback, hardcover, ebooks, children books, political books, graphic novels & books with advice. So you can browse through books relevant to your interest.

The video below is a demonstration of the above article:

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