Friday, September 23, 2011

Apart from reading books, what else can my Kindle do?

When I bought the Amazon Kindle, it was solely for reading. So I wasn't expecting to use the Kindle for anything other than reading. However once I got it,  I was surprised to come across features other than reading.

1. Internet Browser

Kindle Screenshot of web browser

This browser is perfect for that quick browse on the Internet, when you don't have a mobile or laptop nearby. It's speed is decent enough, but if you want it to be faster you can "disable images" in the browser settings. Like the iPad and smartphones; it doesn't support flash, so no Youtube nor websites having flash plugins.

Kindle Screenshot of settings in web browser
When you think about the browsing experience the first thing that comes to mind,  is that it's in black & white. Although once you get started, you'll barely the colour.
   I mostly use this browser when I finish some book, and want to check out its Wikipedia.  Or for that random Google search.

2. Play MP3
Kindle Screenshot of the "Play MP3" option

Don't expect an mp3 player with an organized library. You can't see a list of the songs, nor can you make a playlist. Compare this to an iPod Shuffle. Where you only have the option of going back and forth between songs. This feature is merely meant to be background music to complement your reading.
Kindle Volume control and headphone jack

The kindle has a socket for headphones & a built-in speaker. You also have a volume switch at the bottom. 

3. Play Games

At first, this was a nice surprise to the non-reading folk at home, however when browsing through the game library the excitement pretty much vanished. The games are all word & mind related. No angry birds or racing cars. I think this would suit the average kindle reader, as I personally have enjoyed these games. Some, like scrabble are priced and others are free.

Kindle Screenshot of Pixel Perfect Puzzles
Kindle Screenshot of Dots and Boxes 1.0

Windows screenshot of Kindle Removable Drive

4. Portable storage device.

The kindle doens't require any specific drivers to be installed. So you can easily drag'n'drop files into your kindle device and move the files between computers. I've used the kindle across windows, linux and mac without any installations. It has upto 3 GB memory, so that's plenty for photos, music, documents and even two to three movies.

Kindle in the Kitchen
5. Help with the Cooking!

I know that this feature is an eyebrow-raiser, but it's worked for me. Seriously.
Because of its size and weight,  I enjoy taking out recipes online and carrying the kindle with me to the kitchen.
Kindle Screenshot of cooking recipe in Kindle 

Apart from online browsers, you can also purchase ecookbooks like the one from 

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Mia said...

Thanks! That was so informative. I never thought I could do more with the kindle than just reading. Cooking was a nice surprise ;)

filelalaine said...

My kindle doesn't do any of those things... it's the first generation kindle that cost twice as much as yours :(

Venus Pollux said...

Really? I didn't think that amazon ever sold the kindle that expensive. Although I was lucky to get it for only 140, only 4 months later, they announced a new kindle for only 80!! And the touch for 100!!! So I know exactly how you feel

MichaelR_Moore said...

Having found this BLOG as a result of a completely unrelated GOOGLE Search, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I wanted to commenton the post left by Venus Pollux. Dropping the Price and improving the product is always going too be the case. I figure it like this, Sure I could have waited and got "The Latest Kindle" with the latest bell and whistle, but I feel with the one that I have does exactaly what I needed it to do, And the expanded knowledge that I have gained plus the fact of being able too carry a complete library in my pocket, far outweighs any new bell or whistle that they can come out with for the time being. . . .