Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Most Used & Favourite Google Chrome Extensions

1. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail,

This definitely is the most used extension on my list. As long as Google chrome is open, a pop-up notification appears whenever you receive a new e-mail. Without having to leave the page you are viewing, you can have a quick scan of the email, and if you want, you can delete/ mark as read/ spam or archive without opening a new tab.

In the top right corner, the mail checker's icon displays your number of unread messages and also lets you have a quick look at the unread messages.

2.Currency Converter.

When window-shopping on the Internet, I hate going through the effort of mentally converting the price and googling the not-so-constant exchange rates. That's when this app comes in real handy. Without having to leave the page or update it, Currency Converter gives me the exact up-to-date amount converted into my local currency. This is based on Yahoo! finance.

3. Chrome to Phone.

This is only useful if you have an android based smartphone. I think the name explains it all. Simply, whenever there is a website or a download link on the PC, that I want to open on my phone, just one click of the icon, sends the link to my phone, which instantly opens up in the phone's browser. Other features are:

  • Google Maps links launch the Google Maps application on Android.
  • YouTube links launch the YouTube application on Android.
  • Selecting a phone number will automatically launch the dialer with the number populated.
  • Selecting text on a Web page will copy the clipboard to Android (long press a text box to paste on Android).

4. FB photo Zoom

Hovering the mouse over an image on Facebook, activates this extension; by immediately zooming the photo to an adjustable size. Basically it does the job a simple click would do, without opening a new page.

5. Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™ (Beta)

Yeah, it blocks up ads. The pop-up ones, the banners and Google ads on web pages. And it also blocks ads on Youtube videos. It works so seamlessly, that you can't even tell if its working. Absolutely brilliant.

6. KB SSL Enforcer

This extension picks up on websites which support SSL (https) and redirects you to it. Meaning better security; everything you send/ receive on these sites will be encrypted.

7. BugmeNot Lite

More often than not, we stumble into a website which bars us from viewing their content unless we sign up for an account. Bugmenot is a website which provides you with login usernames and passwords for quite a lot of sites. In this extension, an icon appears in the address bar (seen to the right); which signals the existence of an account(s) for the website you are viewing.

8. Autopager

You know when you're scrolling through google or other search sites, and they show like only 10 results, and to view the rest you have to scroll to the next page. Well this extension keeps the page going without having to click next page. Works on many sites.


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Good listespecially the last extension is really useful. I suggest you to try this one