Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amazon Kindle Keyboard Review

This is a review of the Amazon Kindle 3 which has now been renamed as the Amazon Kindle Keyboard. 

DISPLAY: This model has a 6" display with electronic ink pearl technology. I can't explain what that means technically. But it's a noticeable difference from your TV, laptop or mobile screens. It has no back light, and it's script is much sharper and clearer, no matter how much you magnify it. It's basically designed to replicate a real page, so when you read for hours you won't be supporting aching bloodshot eyes, the way you do when spending hours on your laptop.

It also has built-in Wi-Fi; which you can use to browse through the kindle store. In which you can buy/ download books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and even games for the kindle. Although the Wi-Fi is chiefly meant for the kindle store, you can also surf the web through a browser located in the experimental section (Menu>Experimental>Browser). It doesn't play Youtube or have a colour display, but it's pretty good for a quick reference on the web.

The website states that the kindle has two months battery life with the wireless off, but I've seen that it's battery life only last 2.5 to 3 weeks with an occasional use of the Wi-Fi.

EASE-OF-USE: When you receive the amazon kindle, you receive a quick guide which teaches you how to navigate. And once you finally turn it on, there are three pre-loaded documents to help teach you.
i- A welcome note

ii- Kindle User's Guide

iii- Transferring Kindle Content
Transferring books onto the kindle is extremely easy. You do not need to install the device onto your computer. Simply plug it in and drag-n-drop the files into your kindle folder. The same way you'd transfer files onto a USB key.

I was really looking forward to using this, as I have the kindle application on my PC and phone as well. But this whisper-sync service has never worked. I know that I have to tweak with the settings, but I've never mustered up the energy and time to do that.

And yes it's really light, sleek, never gets hot. Clear display. Smooth - no-noise - buttons. You won't be disappointed by the hardware.

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