Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pottermore Screenshots

I had written a complete review and had uploaded some screenshots of Pottermore here, in September. To provide a glimpse to those who hadn't been able to get inside via the magical quill. I was surprised to still get many views on those screenshots. So after revisiting pottermore, I discovered that pottermore is still in beta mode and hasn't opened to all as was originally planned in October 2011.

So here are some more screenshots for those who are interested and a video at the end of the sorting, wand picking and the nooks and corners of pottermore.

Click on the images for better quality.

Charms class

Some NEW content from J.K Rowling: "The Original Forty"

Harry's Special Delivary: The letter tells him he's been selected for the team and the nimbus two thousand is a gift

Casting Spells
Chapter 12: Mirror of Erised
Catching the snitch gives you 150 house points!

Christmas at Hogwarts
Nicholas Flamel
Hooded Figure
Thought I'd update the house points from my last post

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