Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The best things on LInux's Ubuntu, which you'll miss on windows.

1. Ubuntu Software Centre.

Searching & installing a program takes a lot of effort. Like when looking for a program what do you do? Googling, check reviews, make a choice, download. Then Run. Install.. you get where I'm going here. So in Ubuntu the Software Centre came as a nice surprise to finding pretty much ALL the applications for your OS in one place, complete with reviews and a download manager.
Just like an app store from your smartphone but
instead on a computer. Simply type what you're looking for in the search bar, and get a list of applications along with their no. of reviews & average rating. After getting used to this luxury, I dread going back on those dark and endless journeys in the windows world.. .

2. Organized Applications.

In Ubuntu, I really like how organized all the programs are, without any effort on your part. Newly installed programs know where to place themselves. Initially there are six sections, and no matter what I install, applications just appear in the right section without asking. New sections are created as you install more programs,

3. Workplaces

After a couple of hours on your computer for some specific project, how often are all of your open windows relevant to your initial task? Sometimes while working on something; your ideas start branching out OR you do more than one task at a time OR you simply get distracted. All of this means your taskbar is getting more & more cluttered by the minute and it gets harder to navigate between all of your open windows.
Workspaces is the answer here. Like when I'm working on some college assignment, I usually have a couple of stuff open for referencing. At the same time, Ill be working on my blog or uploading some photos from my camera. Having separate workspaces, keeps my work organized and out of each other's way.

4. Open Sourceness

Using an open source system reduces your dependence on software vendors. This is particularly useful for users who like to customize applications to their preference, so that they can improve on the program or clean up bugs. Ubuntu being an open source OS is great because people world over are always improving on it, and can provide feedback to the original developers to share with the world. Unlike Mac or Windows, Linux's upgrades aren't limited to the ideas of a selected group of undercover specialists but rather to anybody who has potential no matter who or where he/she is.
The Ubuntu community actively shares solutions and ideas.

5. Ubuntu one

Think Dropbox but pre-installed. It has an android application & is compatible with windows and mac.

Why is this better than dropbox? Well dropbox is just a folder on your computer & you have to "send/paste" your files to the dropbox folder. But here you can sync any folder(s) in your computer with your ubuntu one account.

6. FREE!!

Ubuntu IS, and always will be free. Windows not!
You can download it for free from the Ubuntu website, or get a CD.

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