Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Open an Android Phone or Tablet with a Forgotten PIN Password

Recently my father absent-mindedly locked his Samsung Galaxy S5 with a PIN code and forgot the code. In other devices, a "forgot password" option shows up where you can unlock the device by entering your Gmail password, but the option wasn't available in this case. It was a tense few minutes having to imagine all his pictures, notes and saved files gone. (This is where one stresses the importance of backing up files!) Luckily, the Android Device Manager proved to be a star and unlocked the device in seconds. 

Note: This method only works for devices signed into your Gmail account and connected to the internet.

1. Log into the Android Device Manager at:


2. Go to the Lock option.

3. Enter a new password, confirm it and then lock the device. The password will reset on your device instantaneously.

4. Enter the new password in your device and viola! your device will open up as it normally does.

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