Friday, July 18, 2014

App of the Week: Sign

Download: Paid / Free

Platform: Android
Price: Free Lite / $1.99 Full
Function: Speed dialing & direct messaging by drawing "signs" on screen.

I came across this app a few years ago as a free app of the day on the Amazon Appstore. It was very unique and I really enjoyed it. Basically you can make a heart on your phone's screen and it will start ringing your mom. You can assign different "signs" for an unlimited number of people. The sign you choose is entirely upto you; it can be a number, a letter, a symbol or a just a scribble. There's no restrictions. Signs can also be assigned to text messages. The free version has the same functionality as the full version, except you have a limited number of signs.

Top features:
  • Use Sign even when other apps are open
  • Works with WhatsApp
  • Call without looking at the screen
  • Works with Voicemail passcode input
  • FAST - call/text any contact in seconds
  • Advanced misdial prevention features


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