Thursday, November 24, 2011

My 5 Favourite Blogs to Follow

Reading blogs is a great way to speed up time and keep you smart. Here's my list of the top five blogs I love to follow, and how I choose to follow them.

1. Lifehacker
Lifehacker curates tips, tricks, and technology for living better in the digital age.
Its hard to specify in one word what exactly Lifehacker writes about; they write about technology, stress, cooking tricks, DIY tips, mobile apps and ways to integrate gadgets with your housework. Each article is more interesting than the last. I follow lifehacker by facebook and email, and enjoy reading articles saved in my inbox when I've got free time (and no internet).

2. Time Magazine
Breaking news, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews

There are so many articles and sections on TIME, that it's pretty overwhelming when you visit the site. So I follow TIME via twitter, which tweets selective articles on hot topics. Just reading the tweet keeps you connected with whats currently going on in the world. There's also a mobile app for android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad.. in which I like the "lists" and "most read" sections best.

3. Techcrunch
TechCrunch is a web publication that offers technology news and analysis, as well as profiling of startup companies, products, and websites
This website is more focused on NEWS about developments and enterpreneurs in technology and hot-and-upcoming products. They also interview startup companies and review hyped up new gadgets. Additionally they have a giveaway every few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that. This is the blog to follow if you want to stay connected with whats happening on the behind-the-scenes of the internet.
I follow Techcrunch by facebook, and visit the website once in a while.

4. The Huffington Post
Offers syndicated columnists, blogs and news stories with moderated comments.
There's only two words to descibe this website: "Online Newspaper". It has articles, coulmns and different sections like politics, business, entertainment.. Exactly as you'd expect in a newspaper.
I follow this via twitter, so that I get selective articles in my timeline.

5. People Magazine
The #1 Celebrity Site for breaking news, celebrity pictures and star style.
I know that this doesn't fit in with the rest of the blogs, but being a girl I can't help following celebrity news and style. This website is great for checking out for the latest updates. I follow this via twitter, which tweets in more of a  breaking news style. It also has an iPhone app.

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