Saturday, December 7, 2013

Get Free Social Network Buttons on your Blog

  1. Download a social media icon pack. You can search for them in Google or get some free here.
  2. Extract the icons of the social networks you want (in .PNG format), onto a folder in your computer.
  3. Go to your blog's homepage and create a new post.
  4. Name it whatever you want to, but do not publish it. Instead, directly save the post.
  5. Switch to HTML mode.
  6. Click on the Insert Picture icon () in the formatting bar; browse and select the icons you saved in step 2. Insert all of them together and make sure you've selected all of them.
  7. Switch back to Compose mode, and align the icons in the center keeping the icons in original size (if they are stacked on top of each other vertically, and you want them in a single line horizontally then press delete after each icon for them to line up).
  8. Press each icon and then click Link from the formatting bar (if nothing happens, repeat the step). Enter the link to the corresponding social website for each icon into web address. If you are entering an email address, you can enter that in the email address option within edit link.
  9. After doing this for all the icons, switch back to HTML and copy all of the coded text. Save and exit the post.
  10. Go to the layout section in you blog, and click on add a gadget from the sidebar. Find and select HTML/Javascript.
  11. Paste your copied text into content. You can add a title like "Connect with us" or leave it blank if you wish. Click save and then close the window. You can re-position this gadget on your blog.
  12.  Click Save Arrangement and preview your blog to see them neatly arranged in the sidebar.

If the icons are bulging out of your blog, then you can either adjust the widths of your blog in the Template> Customize> Adjust Widths section or you can redo this method but with smaller icons.

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